Keysight Receives Approval from Netherlands Vehicle Authority

Keysight Designated Technical Service Provider for United Nations Automotive Cybersecurity and Software Regulations

  • Keysight's device security research lab can now conduct vehicle type approval evaluations under UN R155 / R156 regulations
  • Automotive security regulations become a requirement for all new vehicles produced for United Nations Economic Commission for Europe countries beginning July 2024
Keysight announced that their device security research lab, Riscure Security Solutions, has received formal approval from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority to become a designated technical service provider for approval of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe R155 and R156 regulations.

Created by the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), the UNECE R155 and R156 regulations establish cybersecurity and software update requirements to strengthen the safety and security of automotive systems. UN R155 outlines cybersecurity requirements for vehicle manufacturers and applies to specific vehicle types across all phases of development, production, and post-production. UN R156 specifies software update requirements for vehicle manufacturers and applies to specific vehicle types exclusively during the post-production phase, excluding the development and production phases.

Through this approval, Riscure Security Solutions can now conduct vehicle type approvals according to the UNECE WP.29 regulations, which become a requirement for all new vehicles produced beginning July 2024 for all UNECE countries. Achieving UN R155 and UN R156 compliance from the RDW agency covers vehicles in all 27 European Union countries and 37 countries worldwide, including Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

With Riscure Security Solutions, Keysight further expands its support for automakers and the entire automotive supply chain, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to assess vehicle safety, security, performance, and compliance throughout the complete life cycle of the products.

Marc Witteman, Director of the Device Security Research Lab at Keysight, said: “When we evaluate a component or a system for potential security vulnerabilities, we take into account existing threats and capabilities of an adversary, as well as attack types that may become relevant in the future. Being prepared for the threats of tomorrow is critical in automotive, where the average life cycle of a component is often measured in decades. Approval from RDW marks an important milestone for Keysight, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in ensuring vehicle safety, security, and regulatory compliance.”

Source: Keysight media announcement

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