VIAVI Releases Timing Clock Solution

VIAVI Introduces Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution for Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing for Critical Infrastructure

Fugro AtomiChron Timing Service Augments Resilience, Assurance, Precision and Availability on a Global Scale

VIAVI announced the availability of SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTimeSM services, a resilient timing clock solution that delivers the most comprehensive assurance of positioning, navigation and timing services used in critical infrastructure operations worldwide. SecurePNT and SecureTime build on VIAVI’s proven assured PNT solutions with the addition of the Fugro AtomiChron timing service, enabling intelligent zero-trust multisource assurance combining signals from Geosynchronous Orbit, Low Earth Orbit and Medium Earth Orbit GPS and GNSS constellations.

Essential networks throughout the world – including 5G communications, transportation, energy, public safety, finance, defense and data centers – rely on publicly available GPS and GNSS signals for synchronization based on timing and location. These signals are occasionally unavailable or at risk of being jammed or spoofed, or satellites themselves can be attacked, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Governments have begun mandating that critical infrastructure providers improve resilience of their networks through more responsible use of PNT services.

VIAVI’s portfolio of assured PNT products have been proven to provide redundant timing and location security in civilian and military applications, based on connectivity to the broadest range of timing sources in the market. The Fugro AtomiChron timing source enables the VIAVI SecureTime eGNSSSM GEO service to deliver true authenticated and encrypted resilience and higher accuracy, not previously supported by traditional GNSS, through:   
  • Anti-spoofing detection and mitigation
  • Authentication on all GNSS satellite constellations beyond Galileo OSNMA
  • Encryption
  • <5ns accuracy and <1ns optional timing accuracy, traceable to UTC/NIST
  • The most comprehensive and cost-effective global coverage in the market
This solution comes with the hallmarks of the VIAVI assured PNT portfolio:
  • TrustedPNT sensor fusion technology – fusing, weighing, comparing, authenticating and verifying as many timing space and terrestrial sources as possible, based on an intelligent zero-trust multisource model
  • Patented µTranscoder – enabling users to rapidly retrofit their legacy GPS/GNSS clocks with a resilient and multisource PNT clock, by simply placing the 6200 between the legacy GPS/GNSS antenna and its receiver
  • Compliance with evolving government guidance, requirements and standards, including the DHS Resilient PNT Conformance Framework, the NIST 8323.1 Cybersecurity Framework for PNT Profile, the CISA Federal PNT Services Acquisition Guidance, and the IEEE Resilient PNT P1952 Standard in progress.
“We’re delighted to partner with VIAVI to strengthen their PNT solutions. Time synchronization is one of the greatest challenges for critical infrastructure,” said Roel de Vries, Business Developer AtomiChron at Fugro.  “The Fugro AtomiChron service improves the accuracy of time keeping to the nanosecond and provides protection from GNSS signals being spoofed, using our navigation message authentication.”

“The public and private sectors are on high alert against threats to critical infrastructure, with positioning, navigation and timing being especially vulnerable,” said Doug Russell, Senior Vice President, AvComm, VIAVI.  “We’re excited to be working with a fellow market leader in Fugro, augmenting our proven resilient PNT solutions with AtomiChron®’s precision, reliability and global availability.”

Source: VIAVI media announcement

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