EU Council Allows Faster Deployment Of High-speed Networks

Gigabit Infrastructure Act: Council Gives Final Green Light To Faster Deployment Of High-speed Networks In The EU

The Council of the EU announced the gigabit infrastructure act to ensure faster deployment of digital network infrastructure across Europe which will replace the 2014 broadband cost reduction directive. The new law aims to simplify and accelerate the roll-out of high-speed networks, such as fibre and 5G, with a view to achieving Europe’s connectivity objectives and targets set out in the digital compass for this decade.

The adoption of the gigabit infrastructure act reflects our commitment to tackle administrative burden and boost the roll-out of high-speed networks. This will allow our citizens to surf faster and have a better digital experience using fibre or 5G.

Petra De Sutter, Belgian deputy prime and minister of public administration, public enterprises, telecommunication, and postal services

The new regulation also aims to lower the unnecessarily high costs of the deployment of high-capacity networks partially caused by permit-granting procedures. The latter will be simplified through a mandatory conciliation mechanism between public sector bodies and telecom operators.  The new legislation will further provide more transparency and ensure efficient planning for operators of public electronic communications networks.

To achieve better access to information society services by the public and the enterprises, the gigabit infrastructure act also addresses deployment and access to in-building physical infrastructure. 

Moreover, the new law allows some degree of flexibility to member states, such as carve-outs for critical national infrastructure.

Finally, given that the present retail price cap for regulated intra-EU communications will expire on 14 May 2024, the current caps of €0,19 per minute for calls and €0,06 per SMS message are extended until 30 June 2032 to ensure protection, especially for vulnerable consumers. 

Source: The Council of the EU media announcement

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