Elsevier Health Introduces Sherpath AI

Elsevier Health Introduces Sherpath AI to Address Challenges Facing US Nursing Education

  • The new AI solution was created in direct response to critical needs highlighted by the nursing educational community, including the demand for reliable study resources, improved student engagement with course materials, and driving capacity and effectiveness in the face of resource constraints.
  • Hundreds of nursing students and educators at Arizona State University, Chamberlain University, Miami-Dade College, and other institutions have signed up to support the testing and roll-out of Sherpath AI for broader availability in fall courses.
Elsevier Health announced Sherpath AI, the most advanced generative AI chat designed specifically for nursing students. The tool integrates Elsevier's trusted nursing education content with advanced generative artificial intelligence, offering a beneficial aid for students and nurse educators navigating courses, exam preparation, and the transition into clinical practice.

The use of AI in healthcare education is expected to grow considerably in the next 2-3 years. In Elsevier’s Clinician of the Future 2023: Education report it was found that 62% of students are excited by the prospect of using generative AI tools in their education. The early feedback from students and educators who have tested Sherpath AI suggests the tool will enhance the learning experience for students and improve results.

With Sherpath AI, nursing students can ask questions with natural language in the same way they would speak to a trusted tutor or expert. The tool provides verified nursing education content, source citations for accuracy and reliability, diverse multimedia tutorials, interactive dialogue and personalized responses. Underpinning the content and technology are Elsevier's Responsible AI Principles and Privacy Principles created in collaboration with our communities.

Brent Gordon, President, Nursing & Health Education, Elsevier Health said: “We are optimistic about the promise of generative AI to expand personalized learning, improve program outcomes, and extend the reach of our trusted institutional partners to train more practice-ready nurses. We are grateful to the students and educators who are working closely with us during Sherpath AI's phased development and testing and we are excited about the national roll-out later this year.”

Sherpath AI offers best-in-class features including:

  • Trusted nursing education content
  • Source citations for accuracy and reliability
  • Diverse multi-media tutorials like Osmosis for Nursing videos
  • Interactive chat dialogue and personalized responses in the moment of learning
  • Support for course preparation and teaching strategies
Judith Karshmer Ph.D, MSN, MS, RN, Dean of the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University said: “At Arizona State University, we are seeking innovative ways to enhance student success and broaden access to nursing education. Especially as we prepare to launch ASU Health, the potential for generative AI to transform learning and teaching is immense, and we're optimistic about how Sherpath AI can support our goals. We see how Sherpath AI can help students succeed in their studies, NCLEX prep, and preparation for practice, and are thrilled that our students will have an opportunity to experience it and share their feedback.”

Janelle R. Sokolowich Ph.D., MSN/Ed.RN, Associate Provost, Chamberlain University said: “Sherpath AI supports faculty in developing alternative teaching strategies. The feature allows faculty to ask for innovative methods to teach specific content. It can serve as a guide for novice faculty members as well as experienced faculty members who want to uncover alternative methods to support learning. The value is that faculty will be confident in their student’s use of the product knowing the resources are verified and accurate. The ability to have students and faculty use AI in a controlled environment is dynamic.”

Sherpath AI builds on Sherpath, Elsevier's market-leading teaching and learning courseware platform that supports hundreds of thousands of nursing students across the US, preparing them for both the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exam and clinical practice. The introduction of generative AI into its offerings aims to streamline access to trustworthy information, facilitating the education of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

For over two decades, Elsevier has combined AI and machine learning technologies with trusted, evidence-based content and extensive data sets to create effective solutions for the education, research, life sciences, and healthcare sectors. The launch of Sherpath AI is a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to make learning more accessible, personalized, and effective. With the emergence of generative AI, there is so much potential for useful applications, and Elsevier Health is committed to harnessing this technology to improve educational outcomes.

Source: Elsevier Health media announcement

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