Qumulo Launches Private Availability of Its Cloud Native File System

Qumulo Launches Private Availability of Its Cloud Native File System on AWS

Qumulo announced the Private Availability of Qumulo Cloud Native file system. Customers participating in private availability can now use Qumulo’s Enterprise proven multi-protocol file system to store, manage, and curate unstructured data at the exabyte scale while taking full advantage of the scale, durability, and superior economics of their own Amazon S3 buckets from Amazon Web Services.

Qumulo Cloud Native file system leverages Amazon S3 for its cloud file storage in AWS with the performance, data services, security, and protocol compatibility of the industry’s leading file system. Qumulo’s file system layer is disaggregated from object storage, but both work together to deliver high throughput and transactional performance. This disaggregation provides the ability to complete 90-99% of all transactions in the file system layer, reducing and saving costs. Customers can deploy a Qumulo file system on AWS in minutes and scale from 4GBps to 100s of GBps while leveraging AWS’s elastic cloud compute (Amazon EC2) and storage (Amazon S3) infrastructure.

The announcement coincides with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, where Qumulo and AWS will demonstrate a cloud-native video content production pipeline. Hosted in AWS’s booth (W1701), AWS will showcase a real-world production workflow with generative AI using Unreal Engine and Cuebric, VFX using Foundry’s Nuke and SideFX’s Houdini, real-time editing using Adobe Premiere and Streambox, production asset management using, and studio management using Leostream. The workflow leverages the scalable, high-performance, low-cost capabilities of Qumulo’s Cloud Native file system on Amazon S3, producing a 90-second trailer.

In Qumulo’s NAB booth SL8111, customers will see a demonstration of Qumulo’s Global Namespace (GNS), a feature that allows users and applications to access remote application data as if it were local. Bardel Entertainment plans to leverage this capability to centralize data and make it accessible to artists in remote locations without sacrificing performance. “A project that would have been region-bound is now global and can go to any resource at any time, anywhere,” said Arash Roudafshan, VP of Technology at Bardel. “By being more agile, we give that opportunity back to our clients, and they can be more creative and agile in their thinking about how they want to run production,” he said.

Combined with the benefits of Qumulo’s Cloud Native file system, Qumulo’s GNS offering allows creative teams to collaborate from geographically dispersed locations, from any device connected to AWS infrastructure. This allows a global organization to work together seamlessly, without sacrificing file system performance or cost.

Qumulo’s Cloud Native file system on AWS is offered only through private availability. Contact Qumulo today to inquire about eligibility for private availability.

Source: Qumulo media announcement

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