Cloudflare Enters Observability Market

Cloudflare Enters Observability Market with Acquisition to Enhance Serverless Performance

Cloudflare enters new market; acquisition will enhance observability tools within Cloudflare's developer platform to keep pace with the evolving needs of modern web applications

Cloudflare announced an entrance into the observability market with the acquisition of Baselime, the cloud-native observability platform. By integrating Baselime’s technology with Cloudflare’s developer platform, Cloudflare will be uniquely positioned to bring deep knowledge of serverless platforms and developer experience together to solve the challenges of observability for serverless apps.

Today, entire applications are built on serverless architectures, from compute to databases, storage, queues, and more. Still, observability is often regarded as one of the weaknesses of serverless architectures — trading off visibility into the application’s behavior for scalable infrastructure that doesn’t need to be managed. Building and debugging production applications requires the ability to understand trends and patterns, identify performance bottlenecks, and isolate errors to ensure ongoing reliability, scalability, and security. Having access to this level of visibility, preferably all within one platform, is a critical factor developers consider when choosing a platform on which to build.

“Two million developers building on Cloudflare trust us to help scale their apps globally, but can still struggle to understand the behavior of their cloud applications,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO, Cloudflare. “We believe that to be the leading developer platform, having the best observability tools built in is going to be table-stakes. Baselime has raised the standard for serverless observability and we can further unlock those insights for every developer building on our platform.”

With this acquisition, Cloudflare enters into the observability market to further enable developers to deploy services in production — allowing teams to identify when a release has gone wrong and needs to be rolled back, investigate bugs and regressions, optimize performance, and more. Developers will also benefit from the ability to optimize the cost of their serverless applications, by understanding the rate of requests made and analyzing sources of latency.

With this acquisition, Baselime will be integrated into Cloudflare’s developer platform, helping developers push the boundaries of modern observability to:
  • Analyze their observability data across thousands of possible fields and values, to surface all errors, requests, or performance issues for specific users or across their entire applications.
  • Enable and adopt OpenTelemetry-based tools and standards to facilitate integration with a diverse set of application frameworks and cloud providers. These tools and standards enable developers to easily and consistently instrument their applications for rich observability data, making it easier to quickly troubleshoot issues, whether they impact a single user, a subset of users or the entire application.
  • Extract insights from their observability data thanks to a suite of developer experience improvements, including real-time error tracking based on logs and traces, actionable alerts, trace diagrams and timelines, an approachable query engine, and an AI debugging assistant.
“Cloudflare is building the next frontier of cloud computing with their connectivity cloud. Our core mission has always been to simplify and innovate observability for the future of the cloud, and Cloudflare's ecosystem offers the ideal ground to further this cause,” said Boris Tane, founder and CEO, Baselime. “With Cloudflare, we're positioned to deeply integrate into a platform that two million developers trust, enabling them to build, ship, and troubleshoot applications fast. I am incredibly excited about the potential of what we can build together and the impact it will have on developers around the world.”

Source: Cloudflare media announcement

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