Anritsu and MediaTek Verify Advanced 3TX Technology

Anritsu and MediaTek Verify Advanced 3TX Technology in MT8000A 5G Test Station

Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek announced that they have verified Advanced three uplink transmission Technology featured in MediaTek's M80 5G Modem by using Anritsu's MT8000A all-in-one Radio Communication Test Station, providing a flexible test platform for ultrafast, large-capacity 5G communications. The MT8000A supports sub-6 GHz and mmWave RF tests, as well as protocol tests for development of advanced 5G technologies.

The demands on uplink performance are increasing with the rise of live streaming, sharing videos by SMS, multi-player gaming and video conferences. As more consumers are looking to record their experiences and share them with the world in real time, this 3TX approach dramatically improves upload times for users.

3TX technology consists of a combination of one uplink transmission of 1CC with FDD SISO and two uplink transmissions of 1CC with TDD 2x2MIMO in 5G sub-6 GHz Standalone to reach top uplink speeds, marking a breakthrough achievement in mobile wireless capabilities.

This advanced 3TX technology will be demonstrated at MediaTek’s booth at MWC2024, where visitors will see how 3TX technology improves user upload and streaming experiences as a result of the faster uplink speeds versus 2TX. Anritsu will provide its industry-leading MT8000A 5G Tester as a working Base-station Emulator to establish call connection in 3TX, and MediaTek will test its T830 platform.

Source: Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek media announcement

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