Comarch To Build Private 5G Network in Poland

Comarch Will Build a Network Using the Full Potential of 5G

Permission to use the 4-4.1 GHz band for 5G SA private networks in Poland

Comarch announced that it has become one of the first companies in Poland to receive a permit to use dedicated 4 to 4.1 GHz radio frequencies for private 5G networks. The company will set up a fully-fledged 5G network to improve the quality of its products.

The president of the Office of Electronic Communications, the Polish regulatory authority, has granted Comarch a permit to use this dedicated bandwidth for a private 5G network for a period of one year. Obtaining this license allows to build a fast and efficient network in the 5G LAB using muMIMO technology for research and testing purposes.

The ability to use higher frequencies unlocks the full capacity of 5G networks, offering improved transmission speed, lower latency, and increased network reliability. In practical terms, this means that the company’s solutions will be developed, tested, and demonstrated in a real, fully operational 5G network environment, which will translate into increased adaptability to support such scenarios. Comarch 5G LAB will be capable of carrying out advanced network scenarios, such as real-time adaptation of services depending on the devices connected to the network and 24/7 monitoring. In addition, it will become possible to test self-management and artificial intelligence-assisted network optimization solutions at higher frequencies.

"Acquiring the permit has opened up many new possibilities for us. We are truly excited to have become one of the first companies in Poland to receive it," says Michał Mędrala, Head of OSS Consulting and Product Management at Comarch. "Initially, we will use it to conduct extensive tests of our network management and monitoring solutions using 5G LAB. Another important step will be ensuring the ability to demonstrate our on-demand solutions and services on a fully operational 5G network across the whole Comarch campus located in Kraków."

Comarch intends to integrate this enhanced network utilizing the 4-4.1 GHz spectrum with the central infrastructure at its headquarters in Kraków, Poland. The company will demonstrate off-the-shelf solutions to all interested customers, available at any time in the Innovation Space. This will also allow to go beyond network services and monitoring in telecommunications. As the network will be available on company’s campus, it will be possible to test it directly in any other major sector in which Comarch operates, ensuring more future-proof and reliable products for customers.

Source: Comarch media announcement


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