Somos Announces Availability of RealAgent

Somos, Inc. Expands Fraud Mitigation & Compliance Solutions Portfolio with Availability of RealAgentâ„¢

Somos announced the availability of RealAgent. In line with the Federal Communications Commission's emphasis on consumer protection and fraud prevention in the telecom sector, RealAgent emerges as a solution that helps empower enterprises with the data they need to ensure that their outbound calls and texts are reaching the intended recipient. This solution also aids enterprises in obtaining safe harbor protection from potential Telephone Consumer Protection Act violations.

As an authorized agent of the FCC's Reassigned Numbers Database, RealAgent offers streamlined and efficient access to the RND's repository of phone numbers that have been disconnected and/or reassigned to new users. Whether accidental or deliberate, organizations that make outbound calls or send text messages to these disconnected numbers can face serious repercussions, including significant financial penalties. RealAgent can provide these organizations with direct access to validated and authoritative data that not only protects consumers against unwanted calls but can also help shield the organization itself from liabilities under the TCPA. RealAgent's simple, user-friendly and cost-effective interface queries the RND and takes the legwork off enterprises seeking safe harbor protection.

"RealAgent represents a major leap forward in our commitment to offering innovative, agile and advanced fraud prevention and compliance solutions that benefit a wide range of stakeholders including consumers, carriers and regulators," emphasizes Jaime Zetterstrom, Vice President, Product Management at Somos. "RealAgent facilitates more efficient and customizable access to the RND's database of disconnected number data, bringing us closer to a future characterized by heightened trust in telecom, strengthened phone number integrity and improved consumer confidence."

Source: Somos media announcement


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