Ericsson And Vivo Bring 5G Technology To Festival

Ericsson And Vivo Bring Innovation And 5G Technology To ‘The Town’ Festival

  • Attendees benefitted from high-capacity, reliable 5G coverage at the festival, delivered through a dedicated on-site equipment and a high-performance network slice provided by Vivo and Ericsson
  • Live event transmission utilized four 5G-enabled video and audio capture equipment connected to Vivo's 5G standalone network, employing network slicing to guarantee stable, high-quality video transmission
Vivo and Ericsson announced that they provided additional 5G infrastructure at the 'The Town' festival venue to boost network capacity and coverage with installation of Massive MIMO radios and the latest generation of the Ericsson RAN Compute products. This provided high-quality connectivity for the estimated 500,000 festival attendees.

'The Town' music, culture and art festival made its debut in São Paulo from September 2nd  to 10th 2023, and used 5G infrastructure and solutions from Vivo and Ericsson's to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and  immersive experience for fans at the Autódromo de Interlagos.

Besides serving connectivity to the public, Ericsson and Vivo were instrumental in enabling live broadcasting of the event over Vivo’s 5G Standalone network. The solution utilized four 5G-enabled video and audio capture equipment connected to Vivo’s 5G SA network, as well as network slicing for guaranteed stability, speed, and uninterrupted data transmission over the network.

Debora Bortolasi, B2B Executive Director from Vivo, said: “Network slicing is directly associated with the quality of services and the formulation of new business models, with a direct impact on initiatives that require more flexibility, agility, efficiency, in addition to reducing operating costs.”

Elmo Matos, Planning Director at Vivo, said: ”Thanks to network slicing, the audience at the event were able to enjoy the 5G service without having their experience affected by the broadcaster's live programming. Network slicing was fundamental to the success of the initiative, as it guaranteed the requirements required by each application, without one application compromising the experience of the other.”

Vinícius Dalben, Key Account Manager at Ericsson LATAM South, added: “It was a great pleasure to work in partnership with Vivo on this project. Meeting the significant increase in mobile traffic required an accelerated installation of new equipment along with configuration of network slicing, which was used to broadcast the event. Furthermore, we used the Ericsson Network Intelligence solution, which utilizes artificial intelligence and data analysis, allowed us to monitor the performance of the network and therefore guarantee high performance and quality, for both festival attendees and the live broadcast.”

Source: Ericsson media announcement


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