TELMEX Scitum Expands ITDR with SentinelOne

TELMEX Scitum Expands Identity Threat Detection and Response Services with SentinelOne

 Singularity Identity Suite Provides Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Protection for Active Directory

TELMEX Scitum, Mexico's leading cybersecurity services company, adds SentinelOne’s Singularity Identity Suite to its portfolio following its acquisition of Attivo Networks. Identity threat detection and response (ITDR) is a new category of security designed to protect the users and systems which access corporate networks and data.

Identity-based attacks are on the rise, and today's organizations benefit from preventing and detecting when attackers exploit, abuse, or steal business identities. Attackers are increasingly using credentials and taking advantage of Active Directory (AD) to advance their malicious campaigns. As organizations move to the cloud, so too does the need to protect those identities and prevent compromise.

Looking for the best in cybersecurity, TELMEX Scitum assessed different technologies under various use cases, considering aspects such as ease of implementation, detection, attack prevention and administration, aligned with its incident response and managed service delivery model. SentinelOne’s Ranger AD and Singularity Identity products were evaluated using various attack techniques, including enumeration, exploitation techniques, and surface diagnosis. SentinelOne’s solutions were selected for protection efficacy, cloud-native SaaS delivery model, and the ability to perform agile deployments, and meeting the diverse needs of organizations that use AD in on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native models.

“TELMEX Scitum follows strict validation processes for various capabilities of our technological partners, in line with our technological approval methodology. Our managed services are evolving with emerging trends in cybersecurity, and we’ve selected SentinelOne as the best technology to meet the needs of the new ITDR market demand,” said Cristina Hernandez, CEO of TELMEX Scitum.

“The trust of our business partner TELMEX Scitum is backed by the effectiveness of our technology, which was recently evaluated by MITRE, demonstrating that the use of “deception” and “denial” protect against identity-based attacks,” said Sarah Ashburn, Vice President of Identity & Deception Sales, SentinelOne. “We’re happy to see our differentiated approach to identity protection and deception resonate on a global scale.”

SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform allows TELMEX Scitum to deliver more holistic identity protection services from diagnosing AD, securing critical active directory resources from the source of the attack, to advanced use cases such as use of conditional access with monitoring at the domain controller level.

“The emerging Latin America region represents a new frontier for identity protection. More and more organizations are leaving antiquated antivirus and first-generation EDR for modern XDR platforms which uniformly secure endpoint, cloud, and identity,” said Juan Carlos Vazquez, Director of Latin America Identity & Deception, SentinelOne. “TELMEX Scitum’s SentinelOne practice highlights them as leader and innovator in helping organizations manage modern risk.”

Source: SentinelOne media announcement


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