Sisu Releases AI/ML-powered Automated Analytics

Sisu Unveils New Capabilities With AI/ML-powered Automated Analytics

Sisu releases new algorithms and integrations to increase analyst efficiency by up to 80%, fuel decision-making, and drive metric improvement

Overstock saw a 70-80% acceleration in speed-to-insights with the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine

Sisu Data, the decision intelligence company, is expanding the capabilities of the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine with new algorithms and integrations. Sisu automatically diagnoses key drivers of metric change, automates trend and anomaly detection, predicts changes before they occur, and connects to third-party systems to help organizations make the right decisions and drive better business outcomes. With Sisu, customers report their speed-to-insights is 70-80% faster than when using legacy analytics tools.

Despite years of investment in analytics, most organizations struggle to utilize their data to drive business success. Traditional analytics and business intelligence workflows are time-consuming and error-prone, blocking companies from leveraging the full value of complex cloud data. It’s now more critical than ever for organizations to operationalize data and modernize decision-making workflows. In fact, Gartner® makes the strategic planning assumption that “By 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling.”

“Analyzing and identifying relevant insights from complex and changing cloud data is a machine-scale task,” says Peter Bailis, Founder and CEO of Sisu. “With Sisu, we’re giving people the power of ML to enable them to quickly cut through the noise, focus on what matters most, and drive real impact with data.”

With the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine, businesses can take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning powered insights from cloud-scale data in seconds to quickly and confidently improve business performance and resiliency.

“Overstock’s data strategy is to be a proactive partner in decision-making across the organization. We chose to augment our analytics workflows with the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine to help us quickly understand the ‘why’ behind changes in our data and performance. Since deploying Sisu, we’ve seen a 70-80% acceleration in speed-to-insights and, most importantly, more accurate insights,” says Fritz Van de Kamp, Vice President of Analytics & Business Intelligence at Overstock.

Folowing are the latest product enhancements, empowering Sisu customers to:

  • Automatically detect trends and anomalies in data and monitor metrics at scale—across the entire business, with alerts sent to email, Slack, and more.
  • Diagnose why metrics change by augmenting analytics workflows with AI/ML-powered automated analytics to reduce bias and risk, optimize data pipeline workflows, and power collaboration and iteration based on data.
  • Predict the future impact of metric change to confidently plan actions based on statistically relevant results and make better decisions by leveraging automated smart charts and ranked results.

Act on the factors that impact business performance with new integrations (such as Google Cloud’s Looker, dbt, etc.), direct connections into operational systems, and an expanded Sisu .

“Sisu solves a big, messy problem across the data industry,” shares Ben Horowitz, Cofounder and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “As data and decision-making complexity grow exponentially, organizations that use Sisu operationalize that complexity through ML to quickly transform it into relevant answers, smarter actions, and tangible value.”

Source: Sisu media announcement


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