Radware Launched New Cloud Security Center in Chile

Radware Launches a New Cloud Security Center in Chile

Expands presence in Latin America

Radware, a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, announced the launch of a new cloud security center in Santiago, Chile. This facility will enable customers in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay to strengthen their cyber-defenses, secure their web and mobile applications and APIs with minimal latency, as well as meet data localization requirements.

The launch is a part of Radware’s strategic cloud services initiative, which is designed to accelerate cloud innovation and provide customers with the highest level of cyber security services. This includes extending the footprint of the company’s global cloud security network to address the increasing volume of cyberattacks.

Radware continues to grow its footprint in Latin America. In addition to its new cloud security center in Chile and its other cloud security and scrubbing centers in Brazil, the company recently added a regional office in Bogota, Colombia. The company also has a presence in Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

“Operating for more than 12 years in Latin America, Radware has invested in mitigating cyberattacks and protecting organizations from network and application threats,” said Arie Simchis, Radware’s regional director in Latin America. “By growing our regional presence and adding the new cloud security center in Chile, we are helping our clients not only prevent and respond to breaches, but also minimize latency and improve the quality of service.

“Radware’s state-of-the-art cyber security and application delivery solutions provide more than 12,500 private organizations and public sector entities in Latin America and countries around the world with frictionless security, which enables innovation without sacrificing protection.”

The new security center in Santiago, Chile, is the latest addition to Radware’s cloud security network. Today, the network includes over 10 Tbps of mitigation capacity across more than 50 cloud security centers located around the globe.

Source: Radware media announcement


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