Lumen's Quantum Fiber Launches Multi-gig Service

Quantum Fiber Launches Multi-gig Service, Delivering Symmetric 8 Gigabit Internet Speeds in Select Cities

Lumen's Quantum Fiber service raises the speed ceiling and provides one of the fastest broadband speeds in the U.S. to homes and small businesses

Lumen Technologies, through its premier fiber internet service, Quantum Fiber, is now offering one of the fastest internet speeds in the U.S. Upload and download speeds up to 8 gigabits per second are now available to select residents and small businesses in cities near Denver, Minneapolis and Seattle, with more cities to come.  

"Technology is evolving and so is Lumen as we tap into the power of our fiber network to give communities more bandwidth to excel at work, play and online life," said Andrew Dugan, chief technology officer at Lumen. "Lumen is strengthening its portfolio and increasing gigabit speeds to fuel consumer and small business broadband connections – and it's just the beginning. We're investing in technology and internet speeds that will continue to push families and businesses into the future."

Tech Talk:

  • Quantum Fiber service up to 8 gigabits provides internet speeds 40 times faster than the average advertised U.S. download speed.
  • Lumen is using XGS-PON technology, a passive optical network to provide the symmetric multi-gig capabilities.
  • Innovative installation: Lumen will install a permanent network interface and router at the premise that is separate from the customer's Wi-Fi, allowing for easy Wi-Fi activations and simple upgrades as technology evolves.

"This is a game-changer for internet users who want to broaden their horizons with multi-gigabit connections," said Maxine Moreau, president of Lumen Mass Markets. "Quantum Fiber service delivers reliably fast internet for the increasing number of connected devices, virtual work environments, next-level gaming and the ability to upload extremely large files in a matter of seconds. We're so pleased to bring this industry-leading technology to our Quantum Fiber communities to help them thrive in a digital world."

Source: Lumen technologies media announcement


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