Striim and Microsoft Enable Real-time Analytics and Operations

Striim Joins Forces with Microsoft to Speed Cloud and Digital Transformation

Striim Cloud integrates with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform to enable real-time streaming data from major CRM applications like Salesforce and mission-critical databases like Oracle for real-time analytics and operations

Striim, Inc. announced an expansion of its existing agreement with Microsoft to meet increasing customer demand for real-time analytics and operations. In addition to the current cloud modernization integration, Microsoft customers can now leverage Striim Cloud on Microsoft Azure for continuous, streaming data integration from on-premises and cloud enterprise sources to Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, taking full advantage of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. This continued collaboration between the two companies accelerates enterprise customers’ cloud adoption and digital transformation by making critical business data available in real time, enabling an unbeatable, data-driven customer experience with up to the second operational visibility.

As businesses build modern data capabilities, they must make decisions at the speed of human thought. Still, the vast silos between databases, applications, and analytic products and the resulting complexity of a fragmented data estate can hamper the pace of agility and innovation. Through their extended collaboration with Microsoft, Striim aims to provide customers with a way to break down these data silos and eliminate the complexity of data integration, enabling data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts to get real-time data when and where they need it most.

Striim Cloud is a fully-managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics. Requiring zero infrastructure management and backed by enterprise-grade operational, security, and management features, Striim Cloud’s infinitely scalable platform enables customers to transform their businesses by adopting new cloud models, digitizing legacy systems, and modernizing their application infrastructure. By taking advantage of Striim Cloud’s high-performance real-time change data capture (CDC) and application streams, enterprises can quickly build new smart data pipelines to accelerate innovation. With a few clicks, Azure customers can add Striim Cloud from the Azure Marketplace to quickly build data pipelines and stream trillions of events daily to Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, enabling real-time analytics and addressing time-sensitive operational issues.

“Enterprise customers are finding it difficult to realize the power of the cloud as so much of their data resides in on-premises, enterprise databases, and cloud-based applications,” said Phillip Cockrell, senior vice president of business development at Striim. “This solution enables Azure customers to create smart data pipelines between their disparate data sources and their analytic products quickly, easily, and confidently.”

The extended agreement will enable customers to achieve the sustained agility that allows them to pivot and adapt in real-time, add layers of intelligence to their applications, and unlock fast and predictive insights from data wherever it resides.

Sharieff Mansour, General Manager, Data + AI + Mixed Reality Marketing, Microsoft, added, “Striim Cloud integration with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform enables rich, real-time data streaming from major CRM applications and mission-critical databases to enable our customers to unlock new actionable business insights and make real-time business decisions."

Source: Striim media announcement


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