Nokia and Innventure Commercialize Nokia Bell Labs' Cooling Technology

Nokia and Innventure collaborate to commercialize Nokia Bell Labs’ high-performance cooling technology

  • Innventure has established a new company, Accelsius, to commercialize Nokia’s groundbreaking cooling technology for critical electronic equipment
  • The technology offers high-performance, energy efficient cooling
  • Accelsius has acquired the rights to the technology from Nokia and will be responsible for its further development and commercialization

Nokia and Innventure announced plans to commercialize high-performance cooling technology developed by Nokia Bell Labs for data centers and mobile network equipment.Innventure has established a new company, Accelsius,which has acquired the rights to the cooling technology from Nokia and will be responsible for its further development and commercialization.

The groundbreaking, scalable cooling technology provides cooling direct to the chip or other heat sources. A passive two-stage coolant circulation process enables reliable, energy efficient heat transfer and dissipation from high density heat sources, without using pumps.The simple to install, energy efficient and compact cooling solution is adaptable for a broad range of critical electronic equipment and can be deployed at any scale,from a single server to large data centers.

Jukka Nihtila, Nokia’s Vice-President of Patent Transactions and External Alliances, said: “Energy efficient networks and reliable cooling have always been important areas of innovation at Nokia.By collaborating with Innventure, our hugely versatile cooling technology can be offered to a broad range of companies in different industries to meet the challenge of heat densities in data centers and telecom networks while lowering energy consumption.”

Bill Haskell, Founder and CEO of Innventure, said: “We are very excited to build a new company around a technology that Nokia Bell Labs has been developing for more than a decade.This innovative technology addresses an acute market need across the entire spectrum of networking and computing sites. It is positioned to disrupt the cooling industry as it exists today with flexible solutions that can be widely deployed for data centers and telecom.”

Theodore Sizer, Lab Leader, Optical Systems and Device Research at Nokia Bell Labs said: “We are delighted to work with Innventure to commercialize our groundbreaking cooling technology.This innovative solution developed at Nokia Bell Labs will enable cooling of computing systems with high heat densities, at low energy consumption and with very little complexity. This advancement will help data centers continue to grow their computing capacity while becoming more energy efficient.”

The collaboration between Nokia and Innventure follows the announcement in 2019 that the two companies would work together to commercialize Nokia’s technology and intellectual property in areas beyond Nokia’s core business.

Source: Nokia media announcement



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