Bittium Cellular IoT Solution Provides Direct Cloud Connectivity

New Bittium Cellular IoT Solution Provides IoT Devices with Direct Connectivity to Cloud Services Over Mobile Networks

Bittium, a leading provider of product development services in the areas of wireless communications, industry, and medical technology, launches a new Bittium Cellular IoT Solution that provides IoT devices with direct connectivity to cloud services over mobile networks.

With the Bittium Cellular IoT Solution, you can upgrade the 2G or 3G connectivity of existing IoT devices to 4G or 5G connectivity, or integrate 4G / 5G connectivity with new IoT devices under development. The solution also eliminates the need for a separate gateway device between the IoT device and cloud services, which typically provides access over a local wireless or wired connection.

The solution is modular and works inside the modem module of the IoT device. This minimizes the changes required to the IoT device itself when updating or integrating wireless connectivity. With the Cellular IoT Solution, the IoT device can be connected to the cloud service. The software in the cloud service and thus also the operation of the device can be quickly adapted without having to modify the software of the device itself.

"Bittium's strong expertise and long experience in wireless technology and product development for IoT devices has enabled us to develop an advanced solution. We help our customers bring easier and more cost-effective connectivity to their IoT devices, and as a product development partner , Vice President, Product and Service, Bittium Connectivity Solutions.

Demonstrations at the Hannover Messe and Embedded World events

The Bittium Cellular IoT Solution will be demonstrated at the Hannover Messe from 30 May to 2 June. and Embedded World on June 21-23. Demonstrations focus on industrial applications in preventive maintenance and occupational safety. For these applications, Bittium's Cellular IoT Solution enables data transfer directly to the cloud service and subsequent operations.

Bittium's partner company in the demonstration is Edge Impulse . Edge Impulse has created a leading development platform for machine learning for embedded devices. The platform enables easy training and implementation of sensor-based machine learning solutions for developers and companies.

“We are very excited to partner with Bittium on their new Cellular IoT Solution,” says Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse. "Demonstrating how custom embedded machine learning features, such as excitation word recognition and automation, can take advantage of advanced IoT connectivity and thus increase work productivity and security is just the beginning of the many opportunities that a common solution can provide."

Source: Bittium media announcement


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