Veniam and Single Digits Connect Mobile IoT Devices to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Veniam and Single Digits connect mobile IoT devices to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots

Veniam, the market leader in the intelligent edge for the Internet of Moving Things and Single Digits, a leading provider of Wi-Fi network experiences, announced a partnership that makes it easy for mobile IoT devices and connected vehicles to transfer data over Wi-Fi access points on the move.

Although mobile IoT devices such as dashcams, telematics units and connected cars come with different wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, etc.), their data transfers are often limited to the available cellular links. To save on data costs, mobile IoT companies end up sending shorter and lower quality videos, performing fewer over-the-air updates and ultimately reducing the quality of experience of their end users.

By combining Veniam's ability to make the most out of all the wireless interfaces in mobile IoT devices with Single Digits' expertise in automated, seamless wireless connectivity –this new partnership enables auto OEMs, telematics providers and application platforms to expand 4G/5G with access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States and internationally. Instead of manual logins and cumbersome business processes, customer devices connect easily and automatically to the available Wi-Fi networks subject to global policies defined in the Cloud.

"By partnering with Single Digits we are making it even simpler and cost effective for Veniam customers to get more and better data," said João Barros, CEO and founder of Veniam. "Ultimately, it is about providing all moving IoT devices and their specific applications with the best options for edge connectivity at any location and at any time."

"We're thrilled to enable on-the-move connectivity between cars and mobile IoT devices over wireless networks through our work with Veniam. " said John Haspil, VP of the BSGW Business Unit at Single Digits. "Our roaming hub and powerful suite of services and software for Wi-Fi authorization, authentication, and accounting are essential tools for companies incorporating Wi-Fi Offload into their overall network footprint."

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