Teleste Demos End-to-end 1.8 GHz Network

End-to-end 1.8 GHz network demonstrated at CableLabs’ 10G showcase event

Teleste is thrilled to announce that it has participated in the first successful DOCSIS® 4.0 Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) amplifier cascade demonstration that was recently completed at CableLabs’ ‘10G Showcase’ in Colorado, US. Bringing leading cable operators and technology vendors under one roof to collaborate on the industry’s multi-gigabit future, the event demonstrated the cable infrastructure’s potential as a front line for operators to continue increasing data transmission speed and capacity in their hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks.

In the demonstration, an end-to-end system was created with equipment from Teleste and other prominent cable equipment vendors to showcase the superior performance of DOCSIS 4.0 technology. The system included four 1.8 GHz ICON amplifiers in cascade from Teleste, and the resulting network supported speed tests of 8.9 Gbps downstream and 6.2 Gbps upstream. While the demo setup included four cascaded amplifiers, it is important to note that the 1.8 GHz technology allows longer cascades as well, supporting infrastructures that are typical in the market today and enabling drop-in 1.8 GHz upgrades to existing amplifier locations.

The cable industry is now looking firmly to realising 10G broadband speeds to consumers, and we are delighted to have been able to take this important milestone together with CableLabs and our industry colleagues. It  will enforce trust within the cable MSO community that DOCSIS 4.0 ESD technology is a viable investment track and this, in turn, will drive strategies leading to the 1.8 GHz network upgrades,” said Hanno Narjus, Head of Teleste’s Networks business. – “We are pleased with the performance of our equipment and the hard work and determination of our engineering team, and feel that we have created a family of amplifiers that will meet the industry’s requirements for future-proof transition to higher frequency networks.

Teleste continues to be leader in the HFC technologies and leverages its RF engineering capability and the automation that comes with intelligent amplifiers. The first 1.8 GHz amplifiers in our Intelligent Networks portfolio were introduced in 2021, providing North American cable operators a solution to ensure high network performance under all circumstances and facilitating a true plug-and-play functionality and easy alignments in the field with a press of a single button. To learn more about our 1.8 GHz expertise and the intelligent technology.

Source: Teleste media announcement


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