Six Telcos form Alaian, a Global Alliance for Innovation

Alaian is born, a global alliance for innovation

  • The alliance brings together six of the world's leading telcos, which will be connected to share expertise on innovation and seek out startups where they are present
  • The Alaian members have a total of 700 million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
  • The alliance also announces the opening today of a global search for startups based on use cases that enrich existing and new telco technologies, such as 5G and Fibre, with offerings that generate additional customer value.
  • Selected startups will be able to access the best resources that telco members make available for them.

Six of the world's leading telcos announced the creation of Alaian, an alliance to connect the open innovation ecosystems of these leading global telcos to reach 50 countries and 700 million customers.

The members of Alaian are: Bouygues Telecom, Cellnex, KPN, MTN, Telefónica and WINDTRE. With this alliance they seek to join forces to share best practices on innovation and generate different use cases on the latest market developments and technologies they are implementing, in their ambition to constantly innovate.

The alliance is also committed to global open calls to attract companies that are aligned with its strategic innovation priorities. In this context, they are taking the opportunity to announce a global call for startups, which opens today. Interested companies can participate via this link. Alaian will be looking for startups with 5G-based use cases in Communications & infrastructure, Industry, manufacturing & logistics, Mobility, Utilities & Energy, Metaverse & Web3, Media, Entertainment & Gaming and Retail.

The selected companies will be able to access the best 5G connectivity and edge computing resources of the alliance's member telcos, as well as carry out tests in the 5G LABs with the intention of integrating them into the solutions of the different telcos. Also, exchange knowledge with specialists and network teams with whom to co-develop and solve problems together, taking advantage of the technical, commercial and product support of the alliance members' network of experts, mentors and trainers.

In addition, startups selected by the alliance will be able to benefit from the resources available to the telecoms such as knowledge of the markets they are in, access to their network of contacts, design and build pilots with customers around the world. Apart from this, there is the opportunity to help startups additionally with fundraising, training for entrepreneurs, visibility and exposure at the alliance partners' headquarters, flagship shops, demo centres, labs and Hubs to showcase their product to the network of customers and partners. In addition, equity investment will be possible from any of Alaian's member investment vehicles, as well as exposure to its global network of venture capital firms.

“We are very proud to participate in the Alaian program. For a long time, we have decided to get closer to those who have the ideas, those who innovate and create. With Startups and Open Innovation, we can invent the future together. This new alliance gives us the chance to meet new startups from different backgrounds, to discover and share opportunities with companies that share the same challenges as us (5G development, customer experience, sustainable development, metaverse...)”, Stéphane Allaire, Chief Innovation Officer of Bouygues Telecom.

 “It’s an honour to participate and contribute our expertise in this powerful initiative with these partners which will bring the best of both worlds, corporate and startup, to drive Open Innovation around the most relevant topics for the telcos nowadays”, Jose A. Aranda, Global Innovation director of Cellnex.

“Strong cooperation in opening our doors and resources for startups with these global telco’s, will increase all our innovation capacities and add value in terms of potential market reach, funding etc for startups. We highly value this initiative. KPN is a strong believer of Open Innovation, as is also shown in winning the Open Innovation

Challenger by the International Chamber of Commerce for the 4th year in a row. So let’s make impact together”, Jacob Groote, Innovation and Partnership manager at KPN.

“We are proud to form part of the Alaian alliance which will give us an opportunity to work with and share best practices with globally competitive telcos. Innovative digital solutions are a huge part of our strategy and our involvement in the alliance will further expose us to partnering with start-ups that are a strong fit with our Ambition 2025 strategy of leading digital solutions to Africa’s progress”, Chika Ekeji, Group Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of MTN Group.

 "We are proud to bring together Alaian the synergies of six of the world's most prestigious telcos to collaborate and drive open innovation at Telefónica, and to enrich entrepreneurial ecosystems in the countries where we are present”, Irene Gómez, Open Innovation Director of Telefónica.

“We are excited to join Alaian together with other global telco leaders that are all facing a common challenge: expanding beyond the core business, creating and capturing value through new processes, products, services and business models. We are confident that this alliance will help us drive our overall innovation agenda and generate an optimal combination of core business development whilst also pursuing new solutions”, Luca Monti, WINDTRE 5G & IoT Project Director.

Source: Telefonica media announcement


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