Windstream Enterprise Introduces Unlimited Cellular Broadband

Enabling cellular access for SD-WAN and Internet services with fully managed service monitoring, reporting and support

Windstream, a managed communications service provider, introduced new unlimited plans for Cellular Broadband, providing ideal primary or secondary network access connections for maximized uptime of mission-critical applications.

Unlimited Cellular Broadband is a fully managed service from Windstream Enterprise with dedicated 24/7 support and monitoring. The solution offers visibility and reporting via WE Connect from Windstream Enterprise, an award-winning customer portal that delivers immediate access to all information all in one place, to help manage and optimize networks.

Cellular Broadband from Windstream Enterprise serves as a primary connection method for customer locations that have limited access options available, while also acting as a secondary SD-WAN connection that offers seamless failover in a standby configuration by providing redundancy to other network connections.

Customers with locations that have a high wireless data utilization rate can similarly benefit from this cellular broadband usage plan to avoid overage charges from going over in data.

“Network outages result in lost revenues, decreased employee productivity and customer dissatisfaction,” said Mike Frane, vice president of product management at Windstream Enterprise. “Unlimited Cellular Broadband offers a significantly more cost-effective option than the lost revenue of debilitating network outages.”

Cellular Broadband is an important access option for SD-WAN customers that require resiliency, but can’t afford a second physical wired loop, or where a second wired access loop may be unavailable.

“Keeping your network up and running is critical for every business and ensuring rapid connectivity to remote locations is essential,” said Mike Flannery, chief marketing officer of Windstream Enterprise. “Unlimited Cellular Broadband is a reliable and cost-effective strategy that will contribute to an effective business continuity plan.”

Source: Windstream Holdings media announcement


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