Windstream Helps Businesses with Customer Interactions

New OfficeSuite UC Contact Center Solutions from Windstream Enterprise Help Businesses Improve Outbound Calling Campaigns

Windstream Enterprise, a managed communications service provider, released new enhancements to its industry-leading OfficeSuite UC® Contact Center Services (CCS). The newest features allow organizations of all sizes, including small businesses and retail environments, to more easily execute intelligent outbound calling campaigns, so they can efficiently connect with and manage their customer interactions.

OfficeSuite UC is a best-in-class cloud-based solution that blends user-centric design with advanced technology. WE’s Contact Center Services are fully integrated with OfficeSuite UC, giving businesses a complete array of voice and collaboration features that can be tailored to the unique needs of any organization, and can easily scale to 20,000 users. With the enhancements announced today, in addition to using OfficeSuite UC CCS to queue calls and chats, view live and historical agent activity, and record calls to enhance customers’ experiences, businesses can also upload lists and run automated outbound calling campaigns.

Also, as part of the OfficeSuite UC CCS upgrades, businesses can create list-driven campaigns that include reusable calling lists, calling windows by dates and times, automated rescheduling of unsuccessful call attempts, and round-robin call distribution among the agents assigned to the campaign.

“To compete in an increasingly complex economy, businesses today need to be proactive with their customers and meet their needs with informative, helpful service,” said Layne Levine, president at Windstream Enterprise. “Whether it’s a medical office calling to remind patients to schedule appointments, a school district notifying students about schedule changes, or an enterprise running a robust marketing campaign, the OfficeSuite UC CCS list queuing features will help just about any business, school, government agency or nonprofit connect with their audiences more readily, and ensure the service they deliver is meeting their standards.”

To help companies achieve their contact center metrics, OfficeSuite UC gives agents an integrated, tailored call wrap-up form that they can use to score the call or input customer information for future use. Additionally, OfficeSuite UC enables post-call surveys from customers, giving businesses insight into their service, information and effectiveness.

“OfficeSuite UC with Contact Center Services takes a robust set of traditional call-center features and delivers them in a way that any business can use,” said Levine. “Our commitment to our customers is to innovate new solutions that make their day-to-day business operations more effective so they can focus on their own customers, not on their network technology.”

Source: Windstream Holdings media announcement


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