Unitas Global Unveils World's 1st Automated Connectivity Platform

Unitas Global Unveils First Expedia-like Marketplace for Global Connectivity Solutions

Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace Disrupts Trillion Dollar Communication Services Market with Unmatched Automation and Visibility into Edge Network Services Connecting 30 Million Global Locations to Applications and Cloud Services Everywhere.

Unitas Global unveils its Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace, the world’s first automated connectivity platform dedicated to connecting enterprise edge locations to the cloud.  Unitas Nexus™ is a dynamic design and purchasing platform that provides expedia-like visibility into available global network connectivity options with a single, streamlined view that simplifies and automates the buying experience, based on each enterprise’s unique network requirements.

With thousands of providers worldwide, enterprises have been struggling to find an easy method to design and buy network connectivity and have been forced to contend with tedious, highly manual, and fragmented processes. The Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace platform enables partners and enterprises to easily design, price, and order IP and Ethernet services connecting over 30 million edge locations in 85 countries to distributed applications across any cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and private cloud destination. In doing so, Unitas Nexus™ provides an unprecedented level of automation and visibility across Unitas Reach™, software-defined network (SDN), and all interconnected networks.

“Gaining visibility into the availability, diversity, and varying costs of network connectivity services has long been an industry-wide challenge,” shares Grant Kirkwood, CTO of Unitas Global. “Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace is the first fully-automated software platform to find available on-ramps from millions of enterprise buildings worldwide to the global network and then establish connections from those locations to all desired SaaS and cloud services.”

Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace leverages a proprietary knowledge base, automating service availability and pricing from over 550 access and SDN networks to millions of cloud and edge locations, including 900 carrier-neutral data centers. Unitas Global’s proprietary algorithms intelligently analyze millions of data inputs factoring in the unique needs of each enterprise and recommending an optimal design. Analyzing price and performance requirements in real-time makes Unitas Nexus™ one of the most advanced go-to-market platforms for MSPs, hyperscale cloud providers, and data center operators in the global network market.

“Unitas Nexus™ revolutionizes global connectivity, empowering buyers to easily optimize and modernize networks that connect enterprise edge locations to any cloud,” adds Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global.  “The platform’s marketplace simplifies each step of connectivity from design and ordering to locating available services and optimizing quotes, simplifying the overall ordering process.”

Unitas Nexus™ combined with Unitas Reach™ forms the platform that solves the challenge of providing ubiquitous access to all the cloud and application services that modern enterprises demand. Learn more about how Unitas Nexus™ enables providers and enterprises to modernize the performance and optimize the costs of global cloud networks. 

Source: Unitas Global media announcement

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