IBM Cloud Satellite and Lumen Edge Announce Integration

IBM Enables Clients to Deliver Cloud Securely Including at the Edge, Launches IBM Cloud Satellite

  • Lumen Technologies certified as key edge compute partner to integrate IBM Cloud Satellite for delivery to 180,000 enterprise locations

  • IBM collaborates with more than 65 ecosystem partners, including Cisco, Dell Technologies and Intel, to build hybrid cloud services

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service with IBM Cloud Satellite extends Watson Anywhere AI strategy

IBM announced that its hybrid cloud services are now available across multiple environments -- on any cloud, on premises or at the edge via IBM Cloud Satellite. Lumen Technologies and IBM have integrated IBM Cloud Satellite with the Lumen edge platform to enable customers to harness hybrid cloud services in near real-time and build innovative solutions at the edge.  

IBM Cloud Satellite, now generally available, brings a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across environments, regardless of where their data resides, as clients address critical data privacy and data sovereignty requirements. Industries including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare and government can now benefit from reduced latency that comes with analyzing data securely at the edge -- supporting emergency response via connected intelligent medical devices, remote work, online learning, telehealth services, and more. This shift toward the edge will deliver low latency, while still requiring enterprise users to have the same levels of security, data privacy, interoperability and open standards found in a hybrid cloud environment.

Additionally, IBM is working with more than 65 enterprises from its partner ecosystem, including Cisco, Dell Technologies and Intel, to build secure cloud services via IBM Cloud Satellite. IBM is also extending its Watson Anywhere strategy with the availability of IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service with IBM Cloud Satellite, giving customers a flexible, secure way to run their AI and analytics workloads as services across multiple environments – without having to manage it themselves. EquBot, a fintech firm helping global investment professionals, is already seeing early results showing reduced latency from ten seconds to under one second on some of the time critical models, allowing investors to make better-informed decisions across financial markets. 

Lumen platform delivers IBM Cloud Satellite to speed innovation at the edge

Lumen, an enterprise technology company enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution, is using its global Edge Compute platform to deliver IBM Cloud Satellite to customers. By combining the deployment flexibility of IBM Cloud Satellite with the Lumen edge platform’s broad availability, adaptive networking and connected security capabilities, Lumen customers gain choice and speed in how they securely tap into the benefits of edge computing services.

Customers using the Lumen platform and IBM Cloud Satellite can deploy data-intensive applications like video analytics across highly distributed environments such as offices and retail spaces and take advantage of infrastructure designed for single digit millisecond latency. Because the application can be hosted via IBM Cloud Satellite from the close proximity of a Lumen Edge location, cameras and sensors can function in near real-time to help improve quality and safety. For example, cameras can detect the last time surfaces were cleaned or flag potential worker safety concerns. Additionally, customers across geographies can better address data sovereignty by deploying this processing power closer to where the data is created.

“With the Lumen Platform’s broad reach, we are giving our enterprise customers access to IBM Cloud Satellite to help them drive innovation more rapidly at the edge,” said Paul Savill, SVP Enterprise Product Management and Services at Lumen. “Our enterprise customers can now extend IBM Cloud across Lumen’s robust global network, enabling them to deploy data-heavy edge applications that demand high security and ultra-low latency. By bringing secure and open hybrid cloud capabilities to the edge, our customers can propel their businesses forward and take advantage of the emerging applications of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

Source: IBM media announcement


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