Gilat Blasts off with Next Generation 5G Satellite

Gilat Launches Next Generation VSAT Family Supporting 5G Networks and LEO/MEO Constellations

Gilat’s Aquarius family of ultra-high-performance, multi-orbit VSATs provides over 2 Gigabits per second of concurrent speeds and supports seamless satellite handover

Gilat Satellite Networks, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, announced today the launch of its next generation family of VSATs, Aquarius, supporting 5G networks and LEO/MEO constellations. The ultra-high-performance, multi-orbit VSATs provide over 2 Gigabits per second of concurrent speeds and support seamless satellite handover.

As 5G networks are deployed and customer demands continue to exponentially grow, Gilat’s Aquarius VSATs are designed to serve, with maximum efficiency, data and media intensive applications such as cellular 5G backhauling, maritime and enterprise. The VSATs exhibit ultra-high processing capabilities achieving unprecedented high throughputs for both downloads and uploads including high packets-per-second processing to meet the high-performance demands. The Aquarius VSAT capabilities, coupled with Gilat’s long-time experience and patented cellular backhaul technology, make it the solution of choice for enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deliver their customers a true 5G experience over satellite.

In addition, the Aquarius family is designed to provide uninterrupted service, supporting next-generation software-defined satellites in GEO and NGSO constellations. Aquarius enables seamless operation, “make before break”, utilizing open standard terminal interfaces, especially important in LEO constellations that require frequent satellite handovers.

“As the industry progresses to 5G networks and NGSO constellations it is critical for the ground segment to evolve to meet the needs of these high-demand applications,” said Alik Shimelmits, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Gilat. “Gilat’s next generation family of VSATs, Aquarius, are designed to meet needs of a wide range of bandwidth hungry applications and thus incorporate a wide-set of innovative technological achievements, including remarkable speeds and seamless support for multiple satellites.”

“Satellite communications is an integral enabler of the 5G connectivity vision, providing the scale and scope to enable ubiquitous connectivity, as essential to materialize the vision of redefining the global experience,” said Asaf Jivilik, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Gilat. “Gilat, as the recognized leader in cellular backhaul over satellite, is well positioned to become a major participant in the evolving 5G ecosystem, having proven multiple times that its technology is ready to support the 5G experience, that will directly influence the way people live and work.”

Gilat’s next generation VSAT, Aquarius, follows multiple industry-first achievements that have been demonstrated in a series of tests over GEO and LEO satellites. Already in 2019, in two different occasions, Gilat demonstrated record performance in the first-ever 5G connectivity over Telesat’s Phase-1 LEO:

Source: Gilat media announcement


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