FCC Chooses SomosGov for Telephone Number Management

FCC Selects SomosGov as Next Telephone Number Administrator and Reassigned Numbers Database Administrator

The Federal Communications Commission has selected SomosGov, Inc. as the next administrator responsible for various telephone number management responsibilities.  Specifically, SomosGov will serve as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, the Pooling Administrator, and the new role of Reassigned Numbers Database Administrator under a five-year contract, with options for the FCC to continue the contract for up to a total of eight years.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) administers the North American Numbering Plan on behalf of its member countries, providing numbering administration functions for telecommunications services.  The Pooling Administrator (PA) administers number pooling functions in the United States and serves as the Routing Number Administrator for the United States, responsible for administering non-dialable numbers used for routing emergency calls and other purposes.  SomosGov is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Somos, Inc., the present NANPA and PA.  SomosGov has been performing the NANPA and PA functions as a subcontractor to Somos, Inc., and will continue operating the NANPA/PA functions under the new contract.

The Reassigned Numbers Database Administrator (RNDA) will create and operate a comprehensive Reassigned Numbers Database that will contain reassigned numbers information from each provider that obtains North American Numbering Plan U.S. geographic numbers and toll-free numbers.  Once operational, callers will be able to check the database to determine whether a number has been potentially reassigned to a new subscriber and thus avoid calling consumers who do not wish to receive their calls.  The database is an important aspect of the FCC’s efforts to combat illegal robocalls and to reduce the number of unwanted calls consumers receive.  The Commission established a safe harbor for good-faith users of the database to shield them from Telephone Consumer Protection Act liability they could incur due to database error.

The contract will bring about a more cost-efficient and effective operation of the NANPA and PA by consolidating their operation, in combination with the RNDA, into a single contract.  In addition to serving presently as the NANPA and PA, SomosGov parent Somos, Inc. is also the current Toll Free Numbering Administrator, responsible for overseeing the toll free number database.

Source: FCC media announcement


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