MYTHINGS Deploys BehrTech Connectivity for Smart Building IoT

MYTHINGS Enables Scalable Wireless IoT Connectivity to Deliver Enhanced Building Operations and Tenant Services

Wireless IoT connectivity solution from BehrTech selected by QuadReal Property Group to enable new smart building IoT solutions

BehrTech, a disruptive enabler of wireless connectivity for IoT, has announced that Andorix, an expert in smart building readiness and infrastructure solutions, has leveraged MYTHINGS™ to enable multiple IoT solutions in commercial buildings managed by QuadReal Property Group, a global real estate investment, operating and development company. The smart buildings will be enabled with occupancy detection, indoor environmental monitoring and leak detection applications.

Purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial IoT sensor networks, MYTHINGS provides a robust, scalable and integrable wireless connectivity solution for critical IoT applications.

“MYTHINGS has been fundamental to scaling IoT technologies across our portfolio that enable valuable and strategic use-cases,” says Thano Lambrinos, VP of Digital Innovation and Smart Buildings at QuadReal. “The data generated from the various IoT devices empowers us to better understand how our buildings are being interacted with and operated.”

“As our IoT ecosystem continues to expand, the requirement for a robust connectivity infrastructure is critical. MYTHINGS ensures the secure and reliable delivery of intelligent data across all asset classes,” says John Chung, VP of Portfolio Technology at QuadReal.

BehrTech’s smart building initiatives include the deployment of MYTHINGS-enabled presence detection sensors that monitor the traffic flow of people through each door and traffic density of common areas in multiple high-rise commercial buildings. MYTHINGS-enabled environmental sensors will also be deployed to collect temperature, lighting and air quality. These real-time insights will help pinpoint underutilized spaces, optimize HVAC systems, and improve tenant comfort and productivity. Leak-detection sensors will also be placed throughout each floor and alert management of leaks within minutes to minimize potential damage, enable predictive maintenance, and improve sustainability.

“With IoT bringing new levels of visibility and efficiency to property management, we expect to see a significant increase in the adoption of smart building applications in 2020,” says Albert Behr, CEO at BehrTech. “However, with structurally complex and geographically dispersed buildings, finding the right network infrastructure can be a challenge. MYTHINGS provides the best balance between interference immunity, scalability and range to enable these critical IoT applications in large commercial buildings.”

“Full visibility and control over building management systems is critical for property owners to reduce overall costs,” says Wayne Kim, CEO at Andorix. “MYTHINGS provides the last mile connectivity needed to build a digital hub that is capable of reducing energy consumption, optimizing control systems and providing a 360-degree view of building performance and tenant behaviour.”

Source: BehrTech media announcement


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