Juniper Research Charts Operator Spend on AI Solutions

AI Solution Spend by Network Operators to Reach $15bn by 2024, Driven by Optimisation & Fraud

Global Operator Spend on AI Services to Grow 430% Over Next 4 Years

A new study from Juniper Research has found that total operator spend on AI solutions will exceed $15 billion by 2024; rising from $3 billion in 2020. The research identifies network optimisation and fraud mitigation solutions as the most highly sought-after AI based services over the next 4 years. AI-based solutions automate network functionalities including routing, traffic management and predictive maintenance solutions.

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Network Optimisation & Fraud Prevention Driving Adoption in Developed Markets

The new research, AI Strategies for Network Operators: Key Use Cases & Monetisation Models 2020-2024, found that operators in developed regions, such as North America and Europe, would account for over 40% of AI spend by 2024, despite only accounting for less than 20% of global subscribers. It predicts that growing demand for operational efficiencies will drive operators in these regions to increase their overall investment into AI over the next 4 years.

The research urges operators to embrace a holistic approach to AI implementation across service operations, rather than applying separate AI strategies to individual use cases. It suggests network operators leverage AI to unify internal data resources and encourage cross-functional insight sharing into network efficiencies to maximise the benefits of collaboration across internal teams.

Source: Juniper Networks media announcement


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