Calix Joins prpl Foundation for Interoperable IoT Solutions

Calix Expands Commitment to Software and Cloud Industry Standards by Joining prpl Foundation

Calix joins industry consortium to promote standards-based, open source, interoperable communications solutions for IoT and security

Calix, Inc. announced it has become a member of prpl Foundation, a collaborative organization of vendors and network operators dedicated to building a flexible, common software framework for embedded IoT devices. The foundation supports open systems to deliver common, standards-based APIs that are hardware-agnostic and enable network operators to create differentiated applications. It’s the Foundation’s keen focus on accessible, open source software that aligns with the Calix mission of enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to elevate every aspect of their businesses—revenue, brand, and services.

This is why Calix built Marketing Cloud, Support Cloud and EXOS, the world’s only service provider-exclusive hardware-independent, modular, standards-based smart home operating system. These solutions enable operators of all sizes, from regional providers such as Pioneer and WCTA to global providers, to adapt quickly to changing industry standards through the power of software and the cloud.

“As a leading tech innovator delivering intelligent software platforms and cloud-based solutions for broadband networks, we are thrilled to welcome Calix as a new member of the prpl Foundation,” said Art Swift, president for prpl Foundation. “prpl is dedicated to advancing the communications technologies we use every day, which necessitates providing a forum for vendors and service providers to work together. Ultimately, this collaboration is the only way to ensure industry standards continue to meet the demands of subscribers and the real-world issues operators face.”

The prpl Foundation is dedicated to enabling the security and interoperability of embedded devices for the IoT and smart society of the future. The Foundation aims to develop, support, and promote an open-source, community-driven consortium that furthers the IoT and smart device community. Originally developed around the MIPS ecosystem, prpl has evolved to be instruction set-neutral.

“Calix has always taken pride in designing flexible software and cloud solutions that serve the needs of communications service providers of all types and sizes, and a large part of that is a commitment to building standards-based solutions,” said Michel Langlois, chief development officer for Calix. “We are proud to be joining the prpl Foundation, as its communal approach and dedication to open source solutions align well with our vision for EXOS and Calix Cloud, which benefit our more than 1500 service provider customers. Furthermore, helping shape industry standards is essential to delivering value for our customers, and prpl gives us the forum to work alongside our peers to address that goal.”

Source: Calix media announcement


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