OmniMesh Receives US Patent for Ledger Services Technology

OmniMesh Awarded Patent for Mutual Distributed Ledger Gateway

Technology will empower innovative content management and distribution services for producers and network operators

OmniMesh, a leader in innovative content delivery solutions for service providers and content creators, has been awarded a patent on its mutual distributed ledger gateway technology which enables a broad range of content distribution and management applications. This technology utilizes ledger services including encrypted blockchain to facilitate the monetization and secure delivery of content across distributed nodes in mesh networks that operate beyond the traditional network edge.

OmniMesh delivers secure and robust content storage and distribution to service providers and content creators through an innovative architecture that combines mesh, blockchain, and wireless technologies. This results in accelerated time to market and substantially reduced operating costs.

The mutual distributed ledger overlays an intelligent network of OmniMesh wirelessly interconnected endpoint nodes. Content is securely stored and tracked across nodes using advanced encryption to enable near real-time access to high-value content without taxing existing broadband network capacities.

“Our ledger gateway can serve as an independent service delivery framework or provide management services that assure proper digital rights management in a marketplace where piracy and prohibited content sharing cut into profitability,” said Brian Cavanagh, chief operating officer for OmniMesh. “The OmniMesh platform establishes a highly malleable distributed cloud built from the ground up with secure authentication and accountability capabilities that can act as a neutral host for any transactional application.”

Source: OmniMesh media announcement


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