Promptlink Communications Debuts Solution to Pinpoint Cable Network Noise

Promptlink Communications Announces Launch of a New Patent-Pending Solution That Accurately Pinpoints Elusive Network Noise in Cable Networks

​​​​​Promptlink Communications, Inc., a leading provider of software applications for the management and testing of broadband networks and equipment, today announced the launch of Network NoiseHawk. Utilizing a patent-pending algorithm to analyze PNM and SNMP polling data, Network NoiseHawk accurately pinpoints network noise and easily displays it for cable operators and their technicians, allowing for quick correction to noise issues.

Broadband HFC network operators have spent countless years trying to find a way to pinpoint disruptive network noise, to no avail. Technicians can spend days searching for such noise, incurring large expenses and negatively impacting customer satisfaction. Promptlink’s Network NoiseHawk provides a software-only solution that can display critical data solutions on a mobile device or PC and can accurately pinpoint the source of HFC network noise. A NOC-side Alarm Dashboard notifies network operators of critical noise-related issues, allowing for easy dispatch of technicians to quickly resolve all issues. NoiseHawk efficiently reduces truck rolls, ladder moves, time to resolution, and inbound call traffic while increasing customer satisfaction.

“Network NoiseHawk® is a landmark product, eliminating the need for searching an entire Upstream Channel and a large geographical area to find the source of network noise, as cable operators are forced to do today,” said Dr. Foad Towfiq, president and founder of Promptlink Communications, Inc. Dr. Towfiq continued, “This new addition to the Promptlink portfolio will transform the search for noise impairments by utilizing capabilities previously thought impossible. We are pleased to give our customers a way to reduce expenses related to truck rolls, ladder moves and to prevent the loss of customer satisfaction related to network noise impairments.” Promptlink currently offers a cost-effective suite of software applications for management and testing of broadband networks and equipment. Promptlink’s unique technologies have been developed through the experience of 25 years in network management, CPE testing and systems integration. Network NoiseHawk, combined with PNM and real-time monitoring capabilities, builds upon the foundation laid by Promptlink’s Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) product, in use by cable operators across the globe.

Source: Promplink Communciations media announcement


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