Unified Office Awarded Second US Patent for Transmission Network

Unified Office Receives Second Patent for Its Highest Quality Routing Protocol™ Transmission Network for High Quality, Real-time Business Communications Over Broadband Networks

Second Patent Awarded to Unified Office for Breakthroughs in the Routing of Voice Communications, IoT, and Other Real-Time Communications Over Broadband Networks

Unified Office, Inc, a leading managed services provider offering reliable hybrid cloud-based business communications services, IoT services and data analytics, announced today that the US Patent Office has issued a second patent for its end-to-end Highest Quality Routing Protocol™ (HQRP™) transmission network. This is a U.S. Design Patent for a Method and Apparatus for routing voice calls over voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) networks.

The patent covers the technology used in Unified Office’s Highest Quality Routing Protocol™ (HQRP™) transmission network. Unified Office’s HQRP™ platform solves the quality and reliability problems inherent with Cloud based VoIP/UC offerings. HQRP™ eliminates the need for costly dedicated T1 access lines, MPLS tunnels and other expensive legacy techniques that are typically used to try to create quality and reliability. HQRP™ provides the network platform upon which Unified Office’s Total Connect NowSM (TCNSM) business communications service offerings are based. Last year Unified Office received the first patent for its HQRP™ transmission network. This second patent further expands on that patent to include the entire end-to-end  HQRP™ network architecture.

“Our HQRP™ network platform introduces an entirely new way of creating highly reliable, high quality, real-time business communications over broadband networks that is radically different from using standard T1 and MPLS circuits and other expensive legacy techniques,” said Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO of Unified Office. “We are gratified to have been awarded a second patent from the US Patent Office on our platform. This further strengthens Unified Offices position in the marketplace as an innovator and proven technology leader in our mission to transform voice communications into a business analytics and revenue enhancement platform for our expanding customer base."

This highly reliable, secure HQRP™ network platform is the very foundation of Unified Office’s Total Connect NowSM managed services platform upon which all of their services are based. This network platform delivers business critical information for all of Unified Office’s real-time communications offerings including their:

Total Connect NowSM high quality VoIP and UC services,

Visual Performance Suite™ advanced business analytics

Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite™ IoT services,

Visual Call Flow Builder™, a simple, visual graphical user interface that enables customers and resellers with the capability to build, design and manage their own call flows.

Total Connect Now Dental Management SuiteSM, an advanced business communications suite for dentists, and

Virtual Communications ConsoleSM, a virtual operator console that integrates with leading Dental Practice Management Software Solutions.

“We saw the need for HQRP™ because most SMBs are struggling to find ways to replace their undifferentiated, outdated, expensive unified communications (UC) and VoIP services  as well as costly PBX equipment and accompanying T1 and MPLS circuits,” said Tom Phelan, CTO of Unified Office. “Finding innovative ways to help businesses cope in a pragmatic and practical way with the rapid pace of technological and behavioral changes in our world is what we do best.”

Unified Office’s previously patented Visual Performance Suite provides a real-time view of changes in operational performance levels and actionable intelligence for SMBs, enabling them to stay on top of real-time business performance, to take immediate actions, and to apply continuous operational improvements. All of these Total Connect NowSM (TCNSM) services are designed to help businesses provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and in many cases increased revenues and profitability.

Source: Unified Office media announcement


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