AT&T's Mobile 5G Now Live in 7 More US Cities

AT&T is the First to Offer Mobile 5G in 7 More U.S. Cities

Early Adopters in 19 Cities Can Now Access Mobile 5G Only From AT&T

AT&T’s mobile 5G service is now live in parts of 7 more cities, including Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose. There are now 19 cities across the nation where AT&T is the only carrier to offer mobile 5G service to businesses and consumers, well ahead of our competition.  

“Last December we officially introduced the nation’s first commercial mobile 5G service,” said Andre Fuetsch, president AT&T Labs and chief technology officer. “We spent the early part of this year accelerating and advancing our 5G network with early adopters by our side. And now it’s time to offer this experience to more businesses and consumers in another 7 cities.”

After being the first company to offer both a live mobile 5G network and a commercially available 5G device in the U.S. last December, AT&T has continued to push for faster speeds. As a result, last month it was the first in the nation to surpass 1 gigabit mobile speeds on a live 5G connection. AT&T is also working with some of the most innovative companies in the world to imagine and create new experiences only possible on 5G.

As AT&T continues to expand its ultra-fast 5G network, it expects that by early 2020 it will have the best combination of mobile 5G – providing both the higher speeds available over mmWave spectrum and nationwide coverage available over “sub-6” spectrum.

These network accomplishments are in addition to AT&T offering the best, as well as the fastest wireless network in the nation for existing customers with the latest smartphones. 

Source: AT&T media announcement


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