Calix Adds GigaMesh Wireless Satellite to Smart Home and Business Solution

Service Providers Can Elevate Revenue and Deliver Exceptional Subscriber Experience with Expanded Portfolio of EXOS-Powered Solutions and Capabilities

Addition of the new GigaMesh wireless satellite to the fully configurable, EXOS-powered Smart Home and Business solution extends ubiquitous coverage for subscriber services

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced the GigaMesh, the latest addition to the Calix Smart Home and Business solution powered by EXOS. The GigaMesh enables communications service providers (CSPs) to extend Wi-Fi coverage to all corners of their subscribers’ homes and elevate their revenue by monetizing the enhanced subscriber experience. The EXOS-powered GigaMesh is the ultimate “plug n play” wireless satellite that works alongside the GigaSpire to ensure unmatched Wi-Fi coverage in hard to reach areas within a home or business. Combined with Calix Marketing Cloud, CSPs can quickly realize this revenue opportunity by leveraging data-driven insights and to engage the ideal subscribers who are ready to extend this amazing managed wi-fi throughout their home.

“As our subscribers buy more and more smart devices, we are excited that Calix is delivering a fully configurable portfolio that enables us to match the solutions we deploy to the unique needs of each subscriber,” said William S. Helmly, president and CEO at South Carolina-based Home Telecom. “The flexibility of the Calix Smart Home and Business solution extends the power of EXOS, all the way to our subscribers, enabling us to elevate their experience and ensure their entire home is covered. This allows us to deliver and monetize new services.”

Although subscribers want Wi-Fi to work everywhere, the myriad of different connected devices and hubs scattered throughout their homes has made this a challenge. The GigaMesh simplifies the extension of coverage into harder to reach areas. The GigaMesh plugs directly into a wall outlet, provides guidance for optimal in-home placement via a simple LED indicator, and is configured in seconds without any need for a support call or an on-site visit from the service provider.

“Since smart home devices are often equipped with weak Wi-Fi radios and low-quality antennas, despite being designed to make subscribers’ lives easier, they often cause headaches,” said Shane Eleniak, senior VP, platforms at Calix. “Calix is committed to ensuring that service providers can deliver the right experience for each subscriber. With a fully configurable portfolio of EXOS-powered systems such as the GigaSpire and now the GigaMesh, CSPs can monetize the tailored solutions they provide. For a smart home system to be truly smart, it has to match flexibility with performance. The Calix GigaMesh ensures this level of performance by maximizing Wi-Fi coverage, delivering lightning-fast Internet speeds that can exceed 1.2 Gbps.”

Source: Calix media announcement


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