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Sony Ericsson has recently filed a U.S. patent application for a mobile device that will be able to handle video gaming. However, Sony Ericsson still denies that it is about the launch a mobile device/cell phone based on the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld gaming console.

Users of Alltel cellular data phones are now privy to accessing Sprint Nextel’s EV-DO Broadband Network per a new roaming agreement. Alltel’s customers who have Alltel laptop cards will now be able to wirelessly access the web in major U.S. cities.

Verizon Wireless is again in a law suit, this time against I-VEST Global Corporation, which allegedly sent over 12-million text messages to Verizon customers. While most were caught by Verizon’s spam filters, about 5,000 messages made it through.

Cincinnati Bell has launched a new service that turns voicemail messages into SMS texts. Powered by SpinVox, the service starts at $4.99 per month and will work with any SMS-capable phone.

In still more SMS news, AT&T Wireless is launching a new service that will allow American’s to send SMS messages to other mobile phones overseas for approximately $.10 each.

The Apple iPhone finally has a launch date of June 29 of 2007. The phone will be marketed at the price of $499-599 and will be sold exclusively at AT&T Wireless stores. A study by Strategy Analytics shows that over 90% of United States mobile phone users feel that the iPhone will most certainly be better than the device they are currently using. Verizon Wireless, who turned down an exclusive plan

Verizon Wireless is again in a lawsuit, this time against I-VEST Global Corporation, which allegedly sent over 12-million text messages to Verizon customers.

to carry the iPhone, says that it will be launching a direct competitor to the iPhone that will be announced sometime in the late summer.

Richard Notebaert, the CEO of Qwest Communications, has announced his plans to retire as soon as his replacement has been found. Qwest says that the change in CEO does not mean any major operational changes for the company.

VeriSign has announced that Stratton Sclavos, is stepping down from his positions as Chief Executive. He will be replaced by William Roper as the CEO and Edward Mueller as Chairmen, both of whom are board members.


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