2/27/2014 Tail-f NFV Solutions Selected by AT&T for Domain 2.0

Tail-f has reason to celebrate, as another major global service provider has validated Tail-f's NFV orchestration solutions by selecting the company as a vendor. At Mobile World Congress, AT&T outlined its vision for Domain 2.0, a network roadmap that is built on a framework of virtualization that promises services like the user-defined network cloud, and praised Tail-f during a keynote address delivered by John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President, AT&T Technology and Network Operations.

“Our strategy is a vision for our network of the future that delivers what our customers want, when they want it, by tapping into the latest technologies and open network principles,” said Tim Harden, President, AT&T Supply Chain, in a press release for Domain 2.0. “It’s a fundamentally new and unique way to build a user-defined public network that addresses the changing needs of our customers.  It’s more than just a change in how the network is designed. It also changes how we do business, our relationships with suppliers and how we manage software.  We’re reinventing how we scale and operate to manage our services easier, similar to how they’re provided in cloud data centers.”

According to Tail-f, it was able to "integrate full service orchestration support for new equipment vendors from scratch in a few days. We did it in less than 48 hours with Ciena at AT&T. This brings unprecedented agility to the hands of the network planning and operations teams. The cost of on-boarding new equipment into the orchestration system is now low enough that it is the price and performance of the equipment that drive the decisions to invest or not. This is vastly different from the current situation where the cost and time of integrating new vendors is the most significant factor in any decision to change."

NFV was certainly one of the hottest topics at Mobile World Congress, and it's refreshing to see an innovative vendor like Tail-f receive the recognition it deserves.

--Jesse Cryderman, Senior Editor




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